Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jing Torrecampo

Jing Torrecampo discovered not only her artistic talent but her ability to pass it on to others when she started attending Cre8! Summer Art Workshop in the summer of 2010.

With her gift of teaching, she is also able to produce other talented artists in Iloilo City where she taught the Cre8! art module.

Her exhibitions include:

June - First Creations (The Atrium Gallery, Bacolod City)
June - Days of Summer: A Group Photo Exhitibion (The Atrium Gallery, Bacolod City)
August - Paper Roses: A Group Photo and Art Exhitibion (The Atrium Gallery, Bacolod City)
August - Open Art and Photo Exhibition (The Atrium Gallery, Bacolod City)
September - Kami Ay Tao Rin (Robinson's Place, Bacolod City)

February - Fire in the Hall (The Hall Gallery, Bacolod City)
February - April - Alla Prima on the Spot: A PIAF Launching (Provincial Capitol, Bacolod City)
February - Pitik Mingaw (DFA Gallery, Bacolod City)
March - Dibersyon (Casino Filipino Hotel-Bacolod)
May - Parada de las Reynas (SM East Bridgeway, Bacolod City)
May - Harvest of the Earth (Organic Market, Bacolod City)
May - Pinta-Ukit (DFA Gallery, Bacolod City)
May - Tipon-Tipon (Max's Pizza, East Block, Bacolod City)
June - Parada de las Reynas 2 (Island Trips, Rizal Street, Bacolod City)
June - Alla Prima sa Estancia (Paon Beach Resort, Estancia, Iloilo)
June - Rest and Recreation: A Visual Therapy (Calla Lily Spa, 6th St., Bacolod City)

Jing Torrecampo completed her secondary and tertiary education at the University of the Philippines Visayas in Iloilo City in 1988 and 1993 and finished her Law degree at the University of St. La Salle - Bacolod in 1999.

She is likewise an active member of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros.

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  1. Wow! Speechless as to the talent and accomplishments of my dear friend. Glad to be a part of it since day 1! Congratulations and more to come! :)


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