Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mural Painting

Mural painting, according to wikipedia, is any piece of artwork painted directly on a wall, ceiling, or other large permanent surface.

These three murals are found at Cafe ala Corte, our office al fresco cafeteria. It used to be a garbage dump turned into a nice garden refreshment. The walls used to bear the weight of office trash and junk.

Now they are supports for a total of seven sections of mural paintings done by Hall of Justice based artists, myself, Bea, Michelle Tupaz, and daughter of court stenographer Rebe Japitana.

Following the nature theme, my first mural is an expressionist rural scene of a farm isla or an "island" in the middle of a sea of green and gold rice plantation typically found in the landscapes of Bago City. To do this painting in only one day (one hour, in fact), I used whatever materials were available such as the 2.5" paint brush and enamel paint, despite the concrete walls.

As there were several sections of the walls that were still vacant, the mural paintings needed to be painted right away, and fast.

Over the weekend, I completed painting two more walls in just one afternoon. My second mural is an expressionist waterfall inspired by Whistler's palette, while my third mural is another expressionist tunnel in warm hues.

My rule of thumb is that, large area = large brushes and large strokes, otherwise instead of liberating yourself into your art, you are imprisoning yourself with small brushes and small strokes in your mural painting.

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